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MMO Background

Early on, with each new entry to the MMO world I would get in as early as I can; usually in beta. However over the past few years that is no longer a concern. Instead my enjoyment comes from lightly following a game through other blogs and then jumping in on launch.

As I have previously stated it was WoW that had first gotten me into this genre of games. Since then I’ve jumped into the MMO list below. Of this list I had never stayed longer than a year per game, but a few of them I still occasionally return to see how the game has progressed since my last visit. Those occasional visits have enhanced my appreciation for what the developers are trying to accomplish. From those temporary subs I get a fresh perspective on any current or upcoming games.

As you can see, over the years I’ve hopped around several times and was probably in just about every major MMO release since WoW came on the scene. One thing that lingers on my mind though is that there seems to have been a few more games that I feel that I’m missing on listing. Regardless this is a fairly holistic list that shows what I’ve been exposed to over the years. My feeling is that this gives me a fairly decent foundation on which to form opinion on what I’d like to discuss.

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