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Hello world!

05/02/2012 5 comments

In the digital realms that I frequent I can occasionally be found as Rhalinur. Similarly that’s the name that I chose for my blog presence. In real life my name is Josh and I live in Alaska. This blog is my participation in the Newbie Blogger Initiative that was started by Syp (Bio Break) with the help of other well established game bloggers.

Massively multi-player (MMO) games have been around earlier than I had gotten into them. Like most people today who got into playing this genre it was World of Warcraft (WoW) that got me on board. By the time that the game was a month old several office co-workers and I were on the server Cenarius and running around Azeroth slaying boars. This type of game play where I can join friends and make many new ones around the world got under my skin and I looked for additional opportunities like WoW. What I discovered were magical worlds steeped in fantasy or science fiction and populated by people like me. As time moved forward and my involvement in MMO’s deepened I found that I too had a desire to share my experience. It is my hope that this foray into this medium will last; I’ll do my best to ensure that I’ll be around for a while.

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Not an entirely new blogger

A few years ago I had started a blog on Blogger. The intention then was to write about my experiences in Eve Online, a sci-fi MMO that I still regularly return to on a yearly basis. The problem with my blog was that I had felt pigenholed within that world and because of my habit of cancelling my sub my efforts on blogging would taper off pretty quickly.

However, I’d like to share my earlier experiences. These days when I do return to my abandoned blog I get a bit of a chuckle while reading through old material. Here is my favorite post from Jaunt Through A Virtual Universe.

In closing I’ve still got much to do to prep Aggrolicious, one that’s open to reinterpretation as I come across those opportunities.

– Rhalinur

What’s the vision of Aggrolicious

At this time that definition is rather fluid. This is a site that I’ll need to put more thought into and develop as time goes by. It truly was born from the presentation of the NBI and my snap decision to hit the deck running.

As a side note, I also want to point out that in my initial Hello World post that I used some familiar names with acronym listing behind them. I acknowledge that those acronyms are very familiar by now to those who have been playing MMO’s for the past decade, but for those who haven’t I wanted to list them somewhere. From this point forward, when I reference anything that I’ve previously provided an acronym for I’ll just use the acronym.

More about me to come.


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