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Evil Is In Its Prime

Now that I can dive back into my NBI commitment I can return to playing games from the comfort of my cool basement office. While on our way home we made a brief stop so that I can get a few needed things, among them is Diablo 3. This is a game that I had wanted to play for some time now, especially after briefly participating in one beta weekend. Those few hours playing a witch doctor was enough to persuade me that D3 would be a launch day purchase.

That plan to jump right into D3 was put on the back burner when I realized that I’d be away for my training and would miss that launch by a few days. Luckily (for me), the first day sounded uncharacteristic for Blizzard in that the servers were giving a lot of players fits and not allowing them to connect.

These days as a more savvy customer base for online games exist we expect a perfect launch. This was evident in Rift and most recently Tera. Other games had some issues, but none were really show stoppers. That was my experience anyway and perhaps I was more fortunate than some. What I will say concerning D3 having launch day issues is that I’m not surprised. As sensational as Blizzard has been on their IP releases they are just as prone as any developer in getting a product out that can have some bugs. Since that stumble out of the gate I’m guessing that a few wrinkles have been taken care of since what’s been on the wire has been quiet.

Presently my install is at 53%, and I eagerly anticipate my descent into the dark depths of Sanctuary.

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