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RIFT: Storm Legion expansion

RIFT: Storm Legion

A very cool video, teasing the upcoming expansion for Rift. Two weeks before Tera’s release I had removed the authenticator from my Rift account because my intention was to resub shortly afterward. Clearly that hadn’t happened as I’m fully invested in seeing Tera through (I’m still incredibly excited about the game and nearly level 2/3 of the way to level 60).

With the announcement of Storm Legion and reading up the summary as to what to expect I have to say that my interest in Rift is once again piqued. Perhaps later on after summer I’ll revisit Telara; that is if  I can pull myself away from Tera, The Secret World, Guild Wars 2, and who knows what else that has me captivated.

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Where’s Rhalinur

Sorry for the absence. This is finals week and I’m very busy administering, grading and entering final grades for students. Even after I’m done I’ll be leaving for Las Vegas for training this coming Sunday and will be gone for the week. However, I’ll sneak in a few posts on my thoughts on my game play in Tera as well as game news they come up through the coming week. A post made by Slyp at Bio Break was a very good read, and I’d like to share my comments about that tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, I highly recommend that you too take a few minutes to read up on, Is the LOTRO free-to-play path simply too painful?, by Slyp.

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