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Tera gameplay

Last night in Tera I had gotten my first toon out of the starter zone and up to level 12. This is an accomplishment that taken several nights, largely due to my availability to play. Having a career and family can sometimes make it difficult to juggle my gameplaying hobby. Playing computer games is my thing though, so I’m grateful to have an understanding wife who allows me to play as often as I do. At any rate, I’ll write up a few observations on Tera from what I’ve seen so far.

Tera is a game that I hadn’t planned on jumping into and wasn’t on my radar until the day prior to launch. So why jump in haphazardly? It wasn’t the character design. After my experience with Aion anything that is clearly an Asian conversion doesn’t interest me. Instead what caught my attention was the overwhelming positive response from beta players. It sounded like this is a game that offers something new, and that I found too enticing to pass up. So when I discovered that a real life friend of mine was also planning on jumping in I decided to join him.

Now that I’ve played for a few nights and got my character up to level 12 my initial excitement has abated quite a bit and I’ve got some concerns. What has me worried is that this game in a lot of ways reminds me of Aion. The first zone was fairly linear and areas that you wanted to explore off in the distance was blocked by an invisible wall. Also, the quests were very much kill ten rats, some delivery and one defend an NPC types. That shouldn’t be surprising but when nearly every quest was kill ten rats (we all know that it’s not really rats, but some mob in general), that got old real quick. So in that regard I felt that we were experiencing the grind that’s generally associated with translated games from out of the East. On top of that the “rats” were either single mobs or a group that got pulled all at once. Either way I found that the same tactics to attack those mobs worked regardless of whether they were single or grouped.

Although I feel that there are other aspects of Tera that I can continue to gripe about I won’t do that. Instead I’ll focus on what’s positive. Whereas I can compare the character appearance to be out of the East that is truly easy to overlook. What really stands out is how gorgeous this game is. As a player that loves to explore I find myself stopping many times to just pan and scan the horizon (I need to get better at screenshots to show my readers). Also, the reports coming in from players who are further along than me state that the game offers more rewards the farther you go. This one review from Lorehound.com has reinvigorated my desire to march forward in Tera. I’ll report in later.

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